Custom Cutting and Bundling

Custom Overbraiding


Customer supplied material can be overbraided with virtually any of our products. By braiding the sleeving directly onto wires or cables, overbraiding provides the ultimate custom look and feel to any application. Virtually any monofilament sleeving type can be overbraided, including any combination of colors and most construction types.

Our high-speed equipment and quick turnaround ensure minimum waste and virtually eliminate delay further down the manufacturing chain.

Custom Construction

Custom Construction Styles

By altering the structure of the actual braid, we can adjust characteristics such as coverage and expandability, as well as create unique visual effects

Note the difference between the standard 3/3 braid on the left and the custom 1/1 braid on the right. Same monofilament, but with two completely different sets of properties, and two very different visual styles.

Our team will work with you to engineer the perfect product for your application.

Custom Colors & Sizes

Custom Colors & Sizes

Many of our current stock solid and multiple colors started out as custom products specified by customers.

We can color match virtually any Pantone® spot color in almost any combination of braid patterns and color combinations.

Additionally, we can braid these custom colors into custom diameters to meet unique customer specifications.

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