Techflex's Environmentl Policy
Techflex's resource conservation initiative sets a new standard for the management of energy and resources in our worldwide manufacturing facilities

As an environmentally responsible company, Techflex offers customized solutions that help our customers reach their resource conservation goals.

In an expanding global industrial environment, Techflex understands the responsibility we all share in conserving our resources, maximizing our efficient consumption of energy and undertaking a comprehensive material recycling/reuse program whenever possible.

Resource / Conservation / Initiative

  • It is our ongoing goal to improve the efficiency of our processes to minimize our impact on the environment and conserve physical resources.
  • All of our activities strictly conform to current environmental regulations and industry best practices regarding resource utilization.
  • The balance of efficiency and energy impact of our manufacturing equipment is carefully considered when determining the purchase of additional manufacturing capacity.

Product End of Life

In our facilities, nearly 100% of product scrap is recycled. Compositionally similar materials are bulk shredded and packaged for commercial recyclers to reprocess and reuse. We're very proud of our internal material conservation systems, and make every effort to reduce our consumption of resources while providing technologically advanced products that meet the needs of our customers.

recycle symbol

Products displaying this logo on their pages are safe to recycle with any general plastics recycling program. Our customers can feel secure that these products will not add any toxins or hazardous chemicals to the recycling stream and that these materials are completely safe to be eventually reused and reprocessed into other products.

For products that cannot be casually recycled, we will gladly accept customer scrap that is returned to us for recycling. Our program for the return of products for recycling is very simple. Just contact your Account Representative and inform us that you wish to send back a shipment of product for recycling, package compositionally similar materials together, and return it to us. We'll take it from there and add your materials to our recycling stream.

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