High Temperature Sleeving

Designed for protection in high temperature environments where failure would be catastrophic, these products are state of the art in high temperature material engineering.

Insultherm Insultherm: Tightly Braided Fiberglass.
Tru-Fit Insultherm Tru-Fit: Heat Treated to Reduce Fray.
Ultraflexx Insultherm UltraFlex: Full Coverage Fiberglass.
Ultraflexx Pro Insultherm UltraFlex Pro: Heavy Wall Construction.
Insultherm HD Insultherm HD: High Temp Acrylic Resins.
Insultherm SPBI Insultherm SPBI: Double Thickness Boots.
Silica Sleeve Silica Sleeve: Protects up to 1,800 °F.
Header Wrap Header Wrap: Increased Performance.
Header Wrap SI Header Wrap SI: Retains Heat up to 2,000°F.
Volcano Wrap Volcano Wrap: Basalt Fiber Filament.
ThermaShield Thermashield: 4 Variations Available.
ThermaShield T6 Thermashield T6: Reduce Heat up to 50%.
Connector Shield Connector Shield: Shield your Delicate Electronics.
Gold Foil Gold Foil: Reflective Foil.
Weld-Wrap Weld Wrap: Protects against Sparks.
FireFlex Fire Flex: Protects Against Open Flame.
FireFlex Aero Fire Flex Aero: Easy & Fray Resistant Cutting.
Silver Foil Silver Foil: Radiant Heat Protection.
Thermashield tape Thermashield Tape: EMI/RD Shielding Tape.
Fire Flex Wrap Fire Flex Wrap: Protects & Shields Hoses.
Fire Flex Flat Fire Flex Flat: Versitile & Easily Applied.
Dragon Arm Dragon Arm: No More Welding Burns!
Dragon Blanket Dragon Blanket: Soft As A Baby’s Bottom, Tough As A Dragon’s Scales
Dragon Sleeve Dragon Sleeve: Unbelievable Heat Protection

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