Hot Knife

For the best results during sleeving installation, the sleeving should be cut with a hot knife. The heated blade slices through most grades of sleeving and seals the ends to prevent fraying during installation.

We offer an assortment of tools to accomplish this, ranging from heavy duty, high volume devices to portable gas powered units.

For more information on how to use Hot Knives please see our Using a Hot Knife Tutorial

Bench Mount Hot Knife

Heavy duty components and heavy gauge 2 1/2” blade make this tool ideal for use in production environments. Lighted power switch. Heats to 600°C in 30 seconds. Replaceable blades. 110 volt operation.

Bench Mount Hot Knife - HKB0.00WH
Replacement Knife Blade - RBB0.00SV


Compact Hot Knife

25mm blade heats to 600° C in less than 10 seconds. 6” long. Weighs under 4 lbs. Replaceable carbide steel blade. Made in Germany. Available in 110 and 220 volt models.

Compact Hot Knife 110 Volt - GK30.00BE
Compact Hot Knife 220 Volt - GK40.00BE


Handheld Hot Knife

Perfect for individual projects or small volume production. The large knife blade heats quickly and easily cuts and seals most grades of braided sleeving. Handle can also be used as a soldering gun with the appropriate tips. 110 volt operation.

Handheld Hot Knife - HKH0.00BK
Replacement Blade - RBH0.00SV


Solder-It Hot Knife

When AC power isn’t available, this refillable butane powered torch fills the bill for cutting and sealing braided sleeving. Pushbutton ignition, adjustable to 500°C, up to 3 hour capacity and BONUS cutting blade attachment.

Butane Hot Knife Kit -HKP0.00SV


Heavy Duty Hot Knife

Thermostatically controlled electronics heat the 3” carbide blade to 600°C in less than ten seconds and maintains preset temperature indefinitely. Heavy duty, German engineered tool will slice through advanced chemistry polymer sleeving without dragging. Available in 110 or 220 volt models.

Heavy Duty Hot Knife 110 Volt - GK50.00BE
Heavy Duty Hot Knife 220 Volt - GK60.00BE


Heavy Duty Handheld Hot Knife

German engineered, heavy duty handheld hot knife. Long life trigger switch. Heats quickly to 600°C. Interchangable blades. 110 or 220 volt models available.

HD Handheld Knife 110 Volt - GK10.00GN
HD Handheld Knife 220 Volt - GK20.00GN


Heavy Duty Bench Mount Hot Knife

Extra large, extra strong and extra heavy duty bench mount 1,000 watt hot knife features a 7" blade that heats to 1,500°F. for quickly cutting through even the heaviest and largest sleeving quickly and cleanly.

Heavy Duty Bench Mount Hot Knife - HKB3.00BL
Replacement Knife Blade - RBB3.00SV


Hot Knife Accessory Kit

The Techflex Hot Knife Accessory Kit provides everything you need to organize the cord, plus tighten and clean the blade. The replacement blade attachment screws are reliable socket head bolts than can be easily tightened with the provided allen wrench for the best possible contact with the heating element. Use the wire brush to clean buildup from the blade periodically. The included Velcro One-Wrap strap lets you bundle the power cord for easy storage and transport.

Hot Knife Accessory Kit - HKA-KIT

How To Cut Sleeving with a Hot Knife
How To Cut To Prevent Fraying

Download this instruction sheet to learn how to use a hot knife to produce long lasting, fray resistant ends on your braided sleeving installation. Just click on the thumbnail to open the .pdf instruction sheet.

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