Metal & Shielding Sleeving

A group of products that not only provide protection and management for wires and cables, but also offer EMI, RFI and ESD protection in a wide range of vulnerable applications.

Flexo Metal Braid Tinned Copper: Ideal for Shielding & Grounding.
Flexo Shield Flexo Shield: Lightweight & High Performance.
Copper Braid Copper Braid: 100% Copper Braiding.
Brass Braid Brass Braid: Perfect for Decorative Applications.
Flexo Stainless Steel Stainless Steel: 304 Stainless Steel Wires.
Flexo Stainless XC Stainless Steel XC: Full Coverage Steel.
Flexo Conductive Flexo Anti-Stat: Ideal for Sensitive Wiring.
Tinned Copper Flat Tinned Copper Flat: Ideal for Shielding & Grounding.
Flexo Silver Plated Copper Flexo Silver Plated: Shielding, Grounding, & Decorations.

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