Techflex is passionate about the industries we serve. Our products are created from this love of cars, boats, planes, and beyond. Techflex has created hundreds of packaged kits for a diverse range of industries. These kits allow end users an opportunity to manage and protect wires and hoses just like the big OEMs we make product for every day. Your creations can be made better with Techflex products and these kits will help make it easy.

Automotive - High Performance

Techflex High Performance products are engineered to provide wire and cable management, and thermal protection in automotive and marine applications.

The extensive selection of High Performance products ensures a product that will fill any customization or renovation need.

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Pro AV - Audio Snake Kits

Our audio snake color coding assortments contain pre-measured and pre-cut lengths of sleeving designed to fit on the tail ends of audio snakes. The kits include 20 - 24" pieces (2 of each of 10 colors), along with 40 pre-cut pieces of clear heatshrink tubing for secure installation. The tightly braided sleeving not only identifies the cables, but minimizes tangles and provides an additional layer of protection from abrasion and damage.

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Aviation - Flame Retardant Aviation Kit

Flame retardant, self-extinguishing Techflex Flexo FR is the perfect choice where minimizing flame spread is of utmost importance. The organic flame inhibitor in Flexo FR ensures that the material will not support combustion in accordance with aviation industry standards. Durable and easy to install even over long wire runs, Flexo FR is in wide use throughout the aviation and aerospace industries.

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Marine - Cord Mate Marine Kits

Cord-Mate offers an attractive solution to unsightly multiple cables, hoses, chains and wires. This flexible, abrasive resistant protective jacketing is made of a rugged braided polyester monofilament, resistant to most elements such as: salt and fresh water, ultra violet sun exposure, mildew and most marine chemicals.

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Fishing - Flyflex Fly Tying Body Material
Flyflex Fly Tying Body Material

Flyflex is one of the most unusual and effective fly and lure body materials to come around in a long time. It integrates easily into time tested construction and presentation techniques, yet allows for new and exciting configurations. The flexible, expandable material is tough enough to resist repeated uses, salt water and UV damage, and provides an "al-luring" new facet to the sport.

SCUBA - Flexo SCUBA Hose Covers

When underwater safety is the primary concern, the FLEXO line of expandable braided sleeving adds an important and comforting level of protection and visibility. For years, commercial and recreational divers have been protecting and identifying their hoses with FLEXO expandable braided sleeving. The tough braided sleeving provides a layer of protection from abrasion, degradation and wear, and the bright colors increase visibility underwater.

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Computer - Case Mod Computer Cable Customization Kits

After the flashing fan lights, the neon glow, the custom water-cooled case and the supercharged components, the final touch for computer case customization is “modding” the cables that connect everything.

Our Case Mod Customization line provides computer enthusiasts with over 200 products to choose from, including UV reactive colors, to manage and customize the wires, cables and hoses in their supercharged custom cases.
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Bicycle - F6 Reflex Bicycle Safety Kits

Enhance nighttime bicycling safety by installing these highly reflective F6 Reflex sleeves on your bicycle cables.

Thousands of miniature retroreflective lenses reflect light back to the source from up to 675 ft. away. The wraparound design easily slips on over existing cables with no tools or disassembly required. A profitable value added service bicycle sales repair and rental shops.

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