Custom Projects

Our customers have done some extraordinary things with Techflex products!

Whether it's for protection of vital components, restoration or customization of show vehicles or customization of computers or home theater systems, there's a Techflex product that will complete any vision.

F6 in HVAC units
HVAC Unis and F6 Split Tube Sleeving

Professional HVAC installers know that protecting the lines to the condenser is an important part of a high quality job. These refrigeration lines are typically protected by lightweight foam insulation often with a split to make it faster to install, but why not try F6!

Neutrik white xlr connectors with techflex sleeving
Neutrik Connectors with Techflex Sleeving

Neutrik's newest line of white XLR connectors are visually stunning. Using subtle colors to identify each wire, and wrapping the entire assembly in white sleeving, the resulting assembly has an understated elegance.

Remote vehicle competition robot using Flexo PET
MATE ROV Competition

In the open ocean things can get very rough. For deep water explorers proper management of wires and cables is critical for success. Techflex braid makes the job of managing undersea umbilicals easy and reliable.

Introducing The World's Premier Performance Tornado Tee, made with Flexo PET
Tornado Tee Made With Flexo PET

The Tornado Tee's use of high-tech materials drastically improves the dynamics of all tee shots. Tornado Tee is shaped like a conventional wooden tee, but it maximizes the transfer of energy from clubhead to golf ball more efficiently than any other tee on the market.

Dura Wrap - Perfect Protection For Hydraulic Pistons In Harsh Environments
Protection For Hydraulic Pistons

Dura Wrap is the answer to protecting hydraulic pistons in harsh environments. The flexible sleeve is made from tightly woven ballistic Nylon with an aggressive, industrial strength hook and loop closure. It reduces expensive downtime thanks to it's easy retro fit installation.

HandyBites is a unique product that takes advantage of the expansion and compression properties of Flexo PET
HandyBites....Multi-Purpose Teething Tether

HandyBites is a unique product that takes advantage of the expansion and compression properties of Flexo PET expandable braided sleeving to assist parents with securing hard to handle items for teething babies and toddlers. Handy Bites firmly grips chewing snacks and teething aids to keep them from coming in contact with unsanitary surfaces.

Flexo Heavy Wall sleeving provided Nike with an innovative and strong solution for their line of professional shoes
Nike Air Jordan XIX (19)

In the highly competitive world of professional sports, innovative engineers and designers work day and night to create better equipment. Techflex is proud to have aided in the design process and ultimately manufacturing parts for the Nike Air Jordan XIX (19).

Flexo PET expandable sleeving was an ideal choice for the innovative sunglass design. The material is ligh weight, breathable, and comes in a wide range of colors to match any frame application.
Innovative Sport Sunglasses

Half Shadys - innovative sport sunglasses with Techflex braided straps, are the first glasses to be created for a strap to be worn with them. Half Shadys were designed specifically with the sport enthusiasts in mind.

The wires and cables on this BSA rebuils are coveres with Reflex, a specialty expandable sleeving that reflects light 360 degrees for safety and a custom appearance, even in low light situations.
BSA Restoration Project Bike

This bike started in boxes and finished in perfection. This Techflex project was envisioned by Bill Dermody III and John Holms and worked on for the better part of a year. This BSA has been a part of the family for many years but lived many of its years in boxes...

Abrasion resistant heavy wall sleeving is used throughout on this one of a kind sand buggy
Custom Sand Car

It's amazing how the ingenuity of people can overcome massive obstacles in order to achieve new heights. I recently had the privilege of riding in one of those pieces of ingenuity. I can only describe my trip in our long time friend Dwight's custom built sand car as breath taking.

Customized Harley chopper with UV reactive neon green expandable PET sleeving to manage, protect and customize wires and cables
Custom Harley Chopper

This Stunning Custom Harley Chopper was the creation of Back Yard Boys of Florida. They created this beauty and came to Techflex for help with the wires, cables, and hoses. We were proud to help this worthy cause and love to show off the shots of this very cool project.

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