Specialty Sleeving

Techflex specializes in providing highly engineered, application specific products to fulfill our customer's individual specifications.

Studio Key Sleeve Studio Key Wrap: Reversible Keyable Vinyl.
Dura-Race Dura-Race: Perfect for High Traffic Areas.
Non-Skid Non-Skid: High Friction Filaments.
Mylar Mylar: Metallic Lightweight Material.
Nylon Monofilament Nylon Monofilament: 12 mil 6-6 Nylon.
Nylon Multifilament Nylon Multifilament: Ideal for Military Use.
Flexo Chrome Chrome: Thick Metallic MYlar.
Flexo Chrome XC Chrome XC: Full Coverage Metallic Mylar.
Flexo 6 Mil Flexo 6 Mil: 6 Mil PET Filaments.
Flexo Thin Flexo Thin: Ultra Thin & Expandable.
Carbon Fiber Sleeving Carbon Fiber: Braided Carbon Fibers.
Reflex Sleeving Reflex: Reflective Filaments.
F6 Reflex F6 Reflex: Visible in Low Light.
Flexo Noise Reduction Flexo Noise Reduction: Unique Triaxial Braiding.
F6 Quiet F6 Quiet: Full Coverage & Easy Install.
Liquid Wrap Liquid Wrap: Water Resistant Wrap.
F6 Flat F6 Flat: Self-Wrapping Flat Design.
F6 Flat Flexo Mounting System: Cable Management.
Dura HVAC Wrap Dura HVAC Wrap: Easily Protect HVAC Lines

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