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We're happy to provide our customers with any documents we have available relating to our products. We consider this archive a valuable resource for learning about our products and for helping our customers make the right choices when selecting Techflex products for their unique requirements.

Please remember that these are copyrighted documents, and are intended for the explicit use of our customers in choosing the Techflex products that are right for them.

Product Guide

We've broken up our latest Techflex Product Guide into individual .pdf pages for your convenience. If you would like to see the entire book, the first thumbnail will open the full document in .pdf format, or you may view our interactive catalog here.

Data Sheets

Techflex product spec sheets present an overview of our products and provide the necessary information to choose the right product for your application in an easy and consistent visual format. Use these sheets to compare products, or print and save them for future reference.

Product Movies

Product information videos are a useful way to learn about the properties of many of our products. Each video offers details about the product, as well as providing visual information to help customers determine the suitability of our products for their unique needs.

How-To Guides

As easy as it is to work with expandable sleeving, we've put together these useful how-to guides to help make it even easier, and to ensure that your sleeving project will turn out just the way you imagined it would... quickly, simply and economically.

How To Cut Sleeving with a Hot Knife
How To Cut Sleeving with a Hot Knife
How To Use The Techflex Display Rack
How To Use the Techflex Display Rack
How To Install Header Wrap
How To Install Header Wrap
How To Work With Heatshrink Tubing
How To Work with Heatshrink Tubing
How To Work With Tape
How To Terminate Sleeving with Tape
How To Measure Flexo PET Sleeving
How To Measure Flexo PET Sleeving
Installing FMS
How To Install Flexo Mounting System
How To Use F6 Installation Tool
Using Diameter Ruler
How To Use the Diameter Ruler
Heatshrink Printing
How To Get the Best Heatshrink Print Results
Flexo Sleeving Rapid Tool
How To Use The Flexo Sleeving Rapid Tool
PowerGrip SB Clamps PDF
How To Use PowerGrip SB Clamps
How To Lace
How To Get The Best Lacing Results
Archived Documents

This page offers our customers access to some of our older documents, as well as printed materials that don't readily fit into the other categories. Here you can find some of our previous product information sheets, a few of our display posters and print ads, and other miscellaneous documents that may be of interest.

Current Product Guide

The most current Techflex product guide is full of information about our entire line of braided and woven sleeving products, technical specifications, and application suggestions
Techflex Catalog - Standard
Metric Catalog 2014
Techflex Catalog - Metric

Industry Catalogs and Product Brochures

2016 AV Catalog
2017 New Products
2016 AV Catalog
2017 Heavy Duty Catalog
2016 AV Catalog
2016 High Performance Catalog
2016 AV Catalog
2016 AV Catalog
2010 FMS Brochure
2010 Flexo Mounting System Brochure
2010 Scuba brochure
2010 Scuba Brochure

Flyers and Sell Sheets

Clean Cut and F6
Clean Cut, F6 & Shrinkflex
Atuomotive Antenna Cover
Automotive Antenna Covers
F6 Flyer 1
F6 Flyer 1
F6 Flyer 2
F6 Flyer 2
Flexo Flange
Flexo Flange
Sail-Mate Brochure
Flexo Sail-Mate
Flexo Wrap Brochure
Flexo Wrap
Flyflex Brochure
2000 Flyflex
Hot Rod Kit
Hot Rod Kit
Marine Products
Techflex Marine Products
Marine Protection Kit
2008 Marine Protection Kit
Motorcycle Engine Customizing Kit
Motorcycle Engine Customizing Kit
Reflex Kit
Reflex - Reflective Safety Braid
Counter Card for PDF, CleanCut and F6
Counter Card: PET, CleanCut & F6
High Performance PDF
High Performance Flyer
Protective Sleeving PDF
Protective Sleeving
CordMate flyer PDF
Flyer 1
CordMate Flyer 2
Flyer 2
CordMate Flyer 3
Header Card
Flexo Kit PDF
Flexo Kit

Posters and Print Ads

2008 Banner
2008 Techflex Banner
Chrome Banner
Chrome & Chrome XC
Retro Poste
Retro Looks - Flexo NR, F6 Quiet & Nylon Multi
Shrinkflex Banner
Shrinkflex Heatshrink Tubing
Dura Flex Banner
Dura Flex & Weld Wrap
Wireharness News Ad
2010 Wire Harness News Ad

Product Test Data

Thermashield Resistance
T6 Thermashield Thermal Resistance
VW-1 Test PDF
VW-1 Test

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