Why choose to use sleeving?

We know there's more than one way to manage and protect wires and cables,

We believe sleeving is the best of all worlds when it's time to deal with harnesses, snakes and bundles, and we want to convince you that some type of sleeving will be the perfect balance of economy, ease of use and long term usability for your applications.

It's Easy to Install

Unlike other techniques and products designed for cable management, expandable sleeving is quick and economical to install over virtually any length. Just start at one end and walk the sleeving down the entire length of the bundle. The maximum installable length is only limited by the length of the application to be covered. Bundles of wires up to 1,000 feet or more can be sleeved quickly and easily, with no special tools or skills. Additionally, expandable sleeving will stretch up to 4 times its nominal diameter to accommodate plugs, connectors or inline splices with ease.



Expandable sleeving will accommodate plugs and connectors up to 4 times the nominal sleeving diameter. Lengths up to 1,000 feet or longer can be covered quickly and easily.

Reduced Weight & Volume

Braided sleeving fits tightly around wire bundles with a negligible change to the overall diameter or total weight of the application.The tight fit reduces snagging and the flexible construction of the sleeving allows the installation to be routed through small spaces and around tight turns.

Visual Appeal

Braided sleeving is the most visually appealing of wire management materials. The vast assortment of color/size combinations that Techflex offers will accommodate virtually any customer requirements, and finished installations can have a unique and customized look when product branding or instant visual identification is necessary. In a practical sense, the wide assortment of colors allows our customers to use our products in complex color coding and identification applications while protecting and managing large or intricate wire harnesses.

Sleeving Has Visual Appeal!

Flexo PET

The wide range of colors makes it easy to set up intricate color coding systems for quick identification of wires.

Economical to Use & Store

Of all the wire management products, braided sleeving is the most economical to use & store. Large quantities of braided sleeving can be easily inventoried and managed on convenient and space-saving spools.

Precisely measured lengths can be removed from the spools, elinimating waste and unnecessary scrap.

Flexibility and Accessibility

One of the greatest advantages sleeving has over other wire management solutions is its flexibility. When an application has to make tight turns, or snug up against existing structures, sleeving is the only workable solution. Properly installed, sleeving will not impair the flexibility of even large bundles of wires in any way, allowing it to be snaked along walls and around corners without kinking, creasing or cracking, and more importantly, without creating a dangerous tripping hazard.

Sleeving also allows individual wires to be accessed for breakouts anywhere along the length of the installation, making it much easier to create complex wire harnesses of virtually any length.

flexibility 1
flexibility 2

Compared to rigid products such as convoluted tubing, sleeving provides a much more flexible solution when turning managed bundles around tight corners or edges, resulting in a neater installation that doesn't present any tripping hazards.

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