Trademark Disclaimer

All trademarks mentioned below are the property of their respective owners. Their use by Techflex® is for identification of the manufacturers' products only and does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by said companies.

Trademark Owner Products
Cordura® Invista Corporation Turtle Wrap
Dyneema® Dyneema Corporation N/A
Halar® Solvay Solexis Corporation Flexo Halar
Kevlar® DuPont Corporation Flexo KV & Aramid Armor
Kynar® Arkema Corporation 2:1 Kynar Shrinkflex
Mylar® DuPont Corporation Flexo Mylar
Nomex® DuPont Corporation Flexo NX & Braided Flexo NX
PEEK® Victrex Corporation PEEK
Teflon® DuPont Corporation Flexo PFA & Braided PTFE
Vectran® Kuraray Co. LTD Vectran
Velcro® Velcro Industries Velcro Band Straps
Viton® DuPont Corporation 2:1 Viton Heatshrink

Following is a non-exhaustive list of Techflex Inc. trademarks and registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries and the corresponding product(s).

Trademark Owner Products
Aramid Armor® Techflex Inc. Aramid Armor
Chrome® Techflex Inc. Chrome & Chrome XC
Clean Cut® Techflex Inc. Clean Cut & Clean Cut FR
Cord-Mate® Techflex Inc. Cord-Mate Kits
Dragon Wrap® Techflex Inc. N/A
Dura Braid® Techflex Inc. Dura Braid
Dura Flex® Techflex Inc. Dura Flex & Dura Flex Pro
Dura Race® Techflex Inc. Dura Race
Dura Wrap® Techflex Inc. Dura Wrap
F6® Techflex Inc. F6, F6 Woven Wrap, F6 Woven FR, F6 FR, F6 Reflex, F6 Quiet, & F6 Flat
FireFlex® Techflex Inc. FireFlex, FireFlex Aero, FireFlex Wrap, & Fireflex Flat
Flex Glass® Techflex Inc. Acrylic Flex Glass & 4 other products
Flexo® Techflex Inc. More than 23 Products
Flexo Wrap® Techflex Inc. Flexo Wrap & Flexo Wrap FR
Flyflex® Techflex Inc. N/A
Gator® Techflex Inc. Gator Wrap
Gorilla Sleeve® Techflex Inc. Gorilla Sleeve
Grip Wrap® Techflex Inc. Grip Wrap
Insultherm® Techflex Inc. Insultherm, Insultherm Tru-Fit, Insultherm HD, & Insultherm SPBI
Non-Skid® Techflex Inc. Flexo Non-Skid
PrisMix® Techflex Inc. PrisMix
Reflex® Techflex Inc. F6 Reflex & Reflex
ReMix® Techflex Inc. Flexo ReMix
Sail-Mate® Techflex Inc. N/A
Shrinkflex® Techflex Inc. All Heatshrink Products
Snake Skin® Techflex Inc. N/A
Super Duty® Techflex Inc. Flexo Super Duty
T6® Techflex Inc. T6 Thermashield
Techflex® Techflex Inc. N/A
Techlace® Techflex Inc. Techlace Lacing Tape
Thermashield® Techflex Inc. Thermashield (Tube, Convoluted, Wrap, Flat), Thermashield T6, & Thermashield Tape
Tru-Fit® Techflex Inc. Insultherm Tru-Fit
Turtle Wrap® Techflex Inc. Turtle Wrap
Ultra Clear® Techflex Inc. Shrinkflex Ultra Clear PVC Heatshrink
Ultra flex® Techflex Inc. Insultherm Ultra flex
Volcano® Techflex Inc. Volcano Wrap
WeldWrap® Techflex Inc. WeldWrap

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