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Tiny details matter, the big picture matters, everything in between matters too. At Techflex, we take what we do seriously because protecting the world’s infrastructure of wires and hoses matters! Our team has spent over 50 years refining our processes. We have chosen to focus our life’s work on creating great sleeving solutions and products that exemplify the passion which is braided into our DNA. From the earliest formulation of raw materials to the moment the final product is installed on the production line, thousands of painstaking decisions were made because it MATTERS.

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"Learning, growing, and getting to do what I love to do. As long as I can do that, I am happy!"

- Krysta W.

"Spare time. Spare time to forget about my day and spend it on restoring my '33 Ford Phaeton. Spare time to watch my kids play and grow up. Spare time to spend with my wife and connect. Spare time to enjoy the life that I have and laugh with my friends."

- Jay K.

"Family is what matters to me the most, everything else is secondary."

- Kim M.

"Feeling alive, and healthy upon rise and shine, hearing "I Love You" from my kids, and old friends."

- Anetta C.

"Creativity, self expression, and individuality matter to me. Whether its expressed through an art form or another activity, it is important to keep expressing, creating, and progressing."

- Jordan W.

"The products we chose and the things we build with them are both shaped by the values that are put into them"

- Techflex

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