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Introducing F360
Introducing F360 - 10/10/2016

F360° is an innovative conduit designed to encase your wires with a flexible structure.

Introducing F6 Flat
Introducing F6 Flat - 4/15/2016

Built on the same design as out Flexo F6 and F6 Woven, Flexo F6 Flat is a self-wrappable sleeve used to bundle and protect wire harnesses and cable assemblies in areas where space constraints restrict the use of traditional sleeving.

New Product Catalog!
New Product Catalog! - 1/1/2016

New Year, New Colors, New Sizes and New Products!

Introducing Fabric Heatshrink
Introducing Fabric Heatshrink - 10/10/2015

New Sizes Now Available! Fabric heatshrink tubing, a unique mixture of polyolefin and polyester yarns, is the ideal way to form the only shrinkable fabric of its kind.

F6 Now Available in White
F6 Now Available in White - 8/20/2015

Now Available in White!F6 Woven Wrap has been engineered from the ground up to meet the demanding specifications of today's modern wiring harness industry.

Gator Wrap, For Heavy Duty Applications
Gator Wrap, For Heavy Duty Applications - 5/20/2015

Gator Wrap is made of proprietary extreme abrasion fabric. This protection sleeve is used for bundling and wrapping hoses and cables.

Tightweave - New Colors
Tightweave - New Colors - 2/10/2015

Tightweave is now available in new neon and black color combinations.

Bare Copper Braid For Grounding & Shielding
Bare Copper Braid For Grounding & Shielding - 8/22/2014

This product is intended for high flex, high temperature and environmentally tough conditions, making it appropriate for use in aerospace applications.

Brass Braid for a Unique Applications
Brass Braid for a Unique Applications - 8/22/2014

Techflex Brass Braid can be a useful and beautiful part of your next project. The decorative features of brass are obvious but many people do not know that brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc.

Connector Shield - Heat Protection!
Connector Shield - Heat Protection! - 4/29/2013

Built to shield your delicate electronics from the extreme engine and exhaust temperatures of today's high performance engines.

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